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Transmission: 47RE, 47RH, A518, A618
Year: 1994 - 2003
Diameter: 13 1/2"
Input Splines: 23
Pilot Size: 1.810
Mounting Type: 6 square pads
Lockup: Yes
Codes: 634, 644, 868
NOTE: If you have a core to return please send us an email so an ARS tag could be sent to you and your core charge can be returned to you.



Transmission: 48RE
Year: 2003 - 2009
Diameter: 13 1/2"
Input Splines: 23
Pilot Size: 1.812
Mounting Type: 6 pads
Lockup: Yes
Codes: 868
NOTE: If you have a core to return please send us an email so an ARS tag could be sent to you and your core charge can be returned to you.


The furnace brazing process completely laminates the turbine and the impeller.

This effectively makes your converter one piece, leaving no weak link in your converter to cause a failure. The majority of our competitors weld their converters.

Welding only holds at individual spots, creating a converter that is only as strong as its weakest weld. Furthermore, welding changes the flow throughout the converter by causing cavitation or disruption of flow.

Furnace brazing ensures that there is no flexing of the turbine, no more cavitation or disruption of flow, providing more raw power to your tires.

Every tab on a Precision racing torque converter is of equal strength to any other; all due to the furnace brazing process.

A welded converter is only as strong as the weakest weld.

Bottom Line - Welding in the turbine process results in a DIRECT LOSS of EFFICIENCY and HORSEPOWER.

Is that what you want for you or your car?


The billet front cover was designed to allow exact perpendicularity between the pilot, mounting pads and the bolt circle.

This is virtually impossible using a stock torque converter cover due to all of the distortion when adding a mounting ring and pilot.

Additionally, the billet cover is designed to allow for more clutch friction contact area - something that is impossible with a stock type front cover.

A billet cover has, on average, DOUBLE THE CONTACT AREA of a stock converter.

The more a clutch surface slips, the hotter and more brittle it becomes.  When a clutch surface gets brittle, two things happen:  it becomes MORE SLIPPERY and pieces of the clutch surface break away.  Once this process starts, there is no reversing it and your converter WILL break down.

By providing multiple clutch surfaces, Precision's Triple Disc Lockup Clutch for your Heavy Duty Torque Converter exponentially increases the clutch surface area inside the converter. This distinctive step is just one more taken to prevent converter breakdown.

The old style needle race bearings in torque converters handle approximately 11,000 lbs. of dynamic thrust pressure.

The 3 sets of the NEW HEAVY DUTY style thrust bearings used by Precision handle 17,000 to 18,000 lbs. of pressure.

That's an increase of about 60-70%.

This special bearing rolls much more efficiently to further eliminate uneven or premature wear, and eventual torque converter failure.